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Your resume

An effective resume is your passport to getting an interview and a job.

Your resume or CV is one of your key marketing tools. A stellar CV will help you stand out from the crowd, inviting your recruiter to read it thoroughly. A poorly executed CV will relegate your application to the bottom of the pile.

Your resume should be persuasive, targeted, concise and professionally presented.

It should also match the background and needs of the employer. Before you start writing, carefully research the company so you are able to highlight the qualifications, skills and achievements that demonstrate your suitability for the role.

Your resume should provide evidence to support claims in your cover letter and address selection criteria, if you haven’t already addressed them. It will be used to measure you against any prerequisites and requirements of the job, so make sure you include all relevant details of your studies, qualifications, technical and other specialist skills and relevant experience.

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Tips for a winning resume:

  • Create a master resume that covers everything. Select appropriate content from the master version as a starting point for each position and employer.
  • Ensure it addresses the skills and responsibilities noted in the job advertisement and position descriptions.
  • Use bullet points to explain your skills and expertise.
  • Put your most important and relevant skills at the beginning, even if they are not key parts of your current job.
  • Use numbers or percentages to illustrate your successes.
  • Use active verbs such as ‘achieved’, ‘conducted’, ‘created’, ‘launched’ and ‘negotiated’.
  • Demonstrate your personal attributes through tangible achievements rather than subjective terms such as ‘effective team player’ or ‘fast learner’.
  • Address any gaps in your career and academic history. For example, if you took a break to travel overseas, support it with facts and link it to specific benefits that you gained.
  • Be concise. If you are a recent graduate your resume shouldn’t be more than two to three pages.
  • Make sure your resume is error free.