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Eric Nguyen

6.30 AM 

My first alarm goes off and I hit snooze a couple of times before rolling out of bed to go through my morning routine.

7.00 AM

On the way to the train station, I get up to speed on overnight news around the world, looking for key market developments that may impact our clients. I check my schedule to prepare for the day ahead. If I have time, I squeeze in a few pages of my current reading - Atomic Habits by James Clear (a great book if you’re looking for ways to boost productivity!).

7.30 AM 

When I reach the office, I go straight to our generous pantry to make myself breakfast.

8.00 AM 

I head upstairs to our Monday Morning Meeting (MMM) to hear the latest updates across the business and get an update on any events or special visitors for the week. This week we are lucky to host Scott Morrison for his first major foreign policy speech as Prime Minister of Australia, which our reporters will be covering. After the meeting, I collate my notes and share key takeaways with the wider Analytics team. As we are the first point of contact for our clients, it’s important to make sure everyone on the team is up to speed with the latest internal updates.

9.00 AM 

I head back to my desk and the office is bustling with activity. We are the first market globally to open after the weekend, so the phones are ringing and people are pitching terminal capabilities to clients. I log into my terminal to follow-up on emails and go live with supporting our clients. Our team supports Terminal users all over the world to solve their complex queries and help them better leverage our technology to improve their workflow. Each member of the team focuses on a different asset class or product offering, including Fixed Income, Portfolio Analytics, Foreign Exchange, or one of our many Trading Solutions. We operate closely to ensure our clients receive excellent service.

A young professional at his office desk

10.00 AM 

The Australian Equity Market opens. As I focus on equities, it’s important that I keep a close eye on the markets to ensure I’m providing the best and most timely solutions.

11.00 AM 

Time to head to my first client visit of the day. My teammates and I are constantly running around Sydney to meet with clients across various businesses. Today, I’m seeing the Head of Research at one of the largest asset management firms in Australia, who is new to using Bloomberg. The majority of the meeting is about learning his workflow. Once I have a better understanding of his workflow, I show him how he can use the Bloomberg Terminal to help make his job easier. In this case, it’s our Equity Screening tool, which allows him to screen for companies that meet a customised set of criteria to generate investment ideas. He loved what he saw and wanted a follow-up session to go into more detail.

12.00 PM 

After the meeting, I head back and catch up with my colleague for lunch. It’s a sunny day, so we decide to eat on our building sky-deck overlooking Sydney Harbour. Not a bad view to enjoy lunch!

Two young professionals at their office building skydeck

1.00 PM 

I grab another coffee and begin preparing for an upcoming seminar where I’ll be giving a presentation to local university students about the company, how financial markets operate and how to use the Bloomberg Terminal to tie it all together.

3.00 PM 

After the session, I stay back to answer questions from the students about the company, job opportunities and the Terminal.

4.00 PM 

I have back-to-back catch-ups with my Team Leader and mentor. I give an update on everything I’m currently working on and my priorities for the week ahead. Our team is growing, so all of us wear multiple hats and contribute to different projects. The company is supportive of initiatives you want to
drive – as long as you’re proactive about voicing them. In a great way, it almost feels like a start-up operating with the resources of a large, global corporation.

Two professionals having a meeting

5.00 PM 

European markets are about to open so I’m back on desk supporting our clients.

6.00 PM 

Time to call it a day and head to the gym.

8.00 PM 

I whip up some chicken and veggies for dinner and chat with my housemates to wind down after a busy day.

10.30 PM 

I tuck myself into bed and hit the hay. See you again tomorrow morning!