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Working Hours at carsales.com Ltd

9.2 rating for Working Hours, based on 6 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
You can start early finish early Work from home
Graduate, Melbourne
extremely flexible and reasonable
Graduate, Melbourne
9-5.30 but flexible.
Graduate, Melbourne, VIC
carsales is flexible in the times you start and finish. You generally have the choice to decide when you want to start and finish your working day (within reason).
Graduate, Melbourne
My standard hours are 8-8:30 until about 4:30-5. My team is very flexible with hours. I can work from home when the electrician is coming, or leave early when I have an appointment and make up my hours throughout that week. As long as your work is getting done.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very flexible on hours, managers are flexible on when you come in and leave as long as you do the work, as they trust you.
Graduate, Melbourne