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Chloe Tan

7.30 AM

I am promptly awakened to the sound of my alarm – ‘Radar’ on my Apple iPhone. Reluctant to get out of bed I check social media, clear my notifications, read my emails, respond to messages, and flick through the news. After a few minutes, I pull up the blinds and make my way to the kitchen. The first thing I do is turn on the coffee machine, working remotely has become a little ritual of mine. I make myself presentable and ponder on what I shall have for breakfast. 

Daimler Truck and Bus Graduate Chloe Tan coffee maker

8.30 AM

As the caffeine kicks in I switch on my laptop and check my calendar on Outlook. Once I mentally note down the meetings I have for the day I move on to my To Do List to prioritise my tasks for the day. I proceed to check my emails and the HR shared inbox, responding to the ones I can and flagging urgent requests that needs to be done ASAP. This sets me up for the day as I don’t like my inbox to build up! 

Daimler Truck and Bus Graduate Chloe Tan Profile

9.00 AM 

I work in HR but I am also shared with the Compliance Department so my days can be very different and interesting! The Compliance manager and I will be hosting a virtual Data Compliance training tomorrow, so I sign in to our Daimler WebEx account to make sure that everything is in order and our time slot tomorrow has not been removed or double booked. 

9.15 AM

My calendar reminder goes off, reminding me that our weekly virtual Townhall will start in 15 minutes. I wrap up my emails to the Talent Acquisition Manager and HR Business Partner on some recruitment topics and add a few more items to my To Do List. 


I click on the link saved on my calendar that takes me straight to our weekly Townhall. As we wait for everyone to join the meeting I pop into the kitchen to fill up my water bottle. As an important habit, I always double check that my microphone is muted and camera’s off! We are having a virtual background competition today, so many of my colleagues have their cameras on. The CEO will start us off before each department provides an update.

10.15 AM 

At this point Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, FUSO, Aftersales, Finance and HR would have given their updates. Our Great Place to Work initiative announces the winner of the ‘Best working from home Office’ and the CEO ends the Townhall with our people announcements, where everyone is updated on the new starters and service awards we have for this month.   

10.30 AM

My calendar reminder goes off reminding me that it is payroll cut-off today. I consult my spreadsheet to make sure all relevant changes have been updated in our systems. Also double checking that all these changes have been communicated to our payroll provider. 

11.30 AM

I take a 10 minutes break from the computer before calling the HR Business Partner to confirm that I’ve completed the payroll changes. We discuss about some ongoing topics to make sure we are on the same page and I utilise this time to work through a list of questions I had for her to avoid the back and forth. 

12.00 PM

Lunch time! Instead of having a virtual meeting, the Compliance Manager and I are grabbing lunch at a café near us today. After going through the slides one last time before our Data Compliance training tomorrow, we discuss about local enactment of polices. The focus for this month is also to enact some local HR policies. I am currently working on this with our HR Specialist, and plan to finalise our presentation by the end of next week.

1.30 PM

A few emails from new starters with their on-boarding documents have come through in the HR inbox. As it will take at awhile to on-board a new starter, setting up a new hire as soon as possible is always a priority. I will need to process their documents and set them up in our systems today. Once I have set them up, I will notify their respective managers with instructions and details on to dos to ensure a smooth on-boarding process, not just for the new starter but also for the hiring manager.

3.00 PM

I will now draft an announcement for the new starter to be sent out to the company. Now that we are working remotely, this is a great way to introduce new employees to the company. The employee announcement is sent to all employees via email.

3.45 PM

A reminder goes off reminding me that I will be having an end of week check in meeting with a Mercedes-Benz Bus Technical Trainer that recently joined the company. This meeting is important now more than ever when new starters are required to start remotely. Before the meeting I try to respond to a few more emails.

4.00 PM

In this meeting I check in to make sure the Technical Trainer is settling in okay. We discuss about his first week and some challenges he faced working remotely, something I can also relate to as I started my time at Daimler working remotely too. Communication is key and we agree that our respective teams have been so supportive of our needs and development. 

4.30 PM 

I call my reporting manager, Head of Human Resources to run an idea by her. Now that we are encouraged to work remotely, I would like to have probation gifts sent out to employees who have successfully completed their 6 months’ probation period. 

4.45 PM

My follow up reminder pops up, this is a daily reminder I set to send out follow up emails. Today I will be sending out a follow up email to one of our vendor on a quotation we are waiting for. In the meantime, I process some invoices that have come through from our vendors.

5.00 PM

The day has yet again flown by, I continue responding to a few more emails and try not to work past 5:30pm. I open my To Do List again to check off tasks I have completed and highlight urgent ones I should complete tomorrow morning. Before I call it a day, I save the To Do List on my outlook calendar for tomorrow. This process helps me switch off when I’m working remotely.