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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
As an intern I was engaging and communicating with stakeholders associated with our project, for me this looked like engaging with community chiefs, NGOs working in the same space and local businesses in the area. I was also collaborating alongside my team and team leader. Tasks we were doing looked like preparing for community meetings, doing impact assessments and going out in pairs with translators to survey local farmers in the area about problems with their current farming practices and what products and techniques they use. Engaging with the local community was a challenging yet rewarding experience.
Graduate, Sydney
My role as an intern varied a lot. Much of what I did was research. This didn't just mean online research but venturing out into the local community and conversing with locals, students, business owners and even government officials. A lot of my role involved collaborating with my team and having meetings with individuals in the community to discuss our project and potential partnerships.
Intern, Wollongong
Responsibilities as interns range from planning and admin work to getting out into remote communities and conducting interviews with local people in order to understand them and empathise. Overall the responsibilities are very diverse and there is something for everyone.
Working within different cultures and alongside people on social impact projects to make a positive difference.
Intern, Melbourne
As interns our day to day responsibilities involved contacting stakeholders to organising meetings so that we could conduct our surveys to understand problems financial institutes face when giving out loans to small to medium enterprises. We also used this data to develop a minimal viable product to help combat the issues faced by both the financial institutions and local business owners. However there is a lot of travel involved to the big cities which can be quite draining.
Intern, East Timor
I felt like I had a lot of responsibility and I was able to set up structures to enact real change. I felt like it was well organised and I was very aware of what was expected of me.
Intern, Fiji