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Amy Whitburn

Amy studied Bachelor of Business (Marketing/HR majors) at Flinders University and is now working as Branch Manager (Previous n-Store Sales & Leadership Graduate) at Reece Group

5:30 AM

Sometimes it can be hard getting up early (especially if you’re not a morning person!) but it’s nice to start the day with a coffee & breakfast outside in the sunshine before getting ready to come to work. 

Day in the life Amy Reece group

7:30 AM

Day in the life Amy Reece Group

I like spending my mornings planning the day and getting started on jobs I may be working on (all fuelled by a few coffees of course!). Our store is generally very busy in the mornings with plumbers stopping by on the way to their jobs to collect materials. I also like to tackle any reports in the mornings before getting too busy in the day’s activities.


2:00 PM

Day in the life Amy Reece Group

Afternoons include a routine desk tidy to keep my workspace clean and logical as it can sometimes get overwhelming and hectic in branch. The ability to multi-task in the Reece Group is an important skill to acquire. Our afternoons can also get quite busy with plumbers grabbing materials. The afternoon can be spent in the branch, out doing customer development, training staff & serving customers.

Day in the life Amy Reece Group

5:30 PM

Day in the life Amy Reece Group

I look forward to getting home after finishing work to see my fiancé Zak & our two dogs, Ava & Zuri. I like to cook something yummy for dinner and spend the rest of the evening on the couch watching sports, movies or Netflix and playing games with the dogs.

Day in the life Amy Reece Group