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Sustainability at TechnologyOne

6.2 rating for Sustainability, based on 13 reviews
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We push for services running in the cloud - most cloud companies reduce their carbon footprint to save as much money as they can
Midlevel, Brisbane
Have initiatives to reduce footprint of air conditioning in the morning by closing all curtains on one side of the building to reduce morning heat.
Graduate, Brisbane
It is a tech company using cloud infrastructure. There was a successful hack day project to replace the lighting with low power and pollution light bulbs, but there isn't exactly much that can be done.
Graduate, Brisbane
We try to do everything electronically. Lights go out automatically. Meeting rooms have sensors to know you've left the room. Brisbane HQ is a 6 star energy efficient building.
Graduate, Brisbane
The software we produce can be used in some of its aspects to monitor the emissions of a business. The company uses a standard office complex which uses a lot of natural light.
Graduate, Brisbane