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Michael Te

I firmly believe that the Summer Vacation Program at Telstra was the ideal place to start my professional career.

The 12 weeks I spent at Telstra as part of the Summer Vacation Program was memorable in so many ways.

After finishing my second year of university, I stepped into Telstra and embarked on an incredible journey. What lay ahead was more than a nine to five job; it was an opportunity to learn, explore different avenues and contribute to the success of the company.  

The first week was challenging. I was unfamiliar with how Telstra operated and the different terminology I heard in each meeting. Everything was new to me but nevertheless, I learnt the ropes quickly.

My notebook was my best friend and I wrote down everything I could grasp and asked as many questions as I could. To help with the transition into Telstra, the graduate team were very supportive; they offered resources and sessions to kick-start my journey in the right direction.  

Learning the business was my number one priority and nothing restricted my curiosity. The people at Telstra treated every intern like a regular employee and they took the time to have catch-ups with us and gave us an insight into corporate life. I found this extremely valuable because I learnt the importance of understanding the company from different perspectives.

I also attended workshops where individuals passionately taught others. I thoroughly enjoyed the culture at Telstra and felt it was a privilege to be part of every day.   

My learning experiences expanded outside of the office and I often went on tours to various Telstra facilities. Whether it was walking around the Telstra Integration Labs, observing the GOC (Global Operations Centre) or spending a day inside the Discovery Retail Store, I gained a great understanding of the company from top to bottom. The experiences were highly practical, and it also ensured that I wasn’t stuck at my desk.

I was assigned to multiple projects and each one had its own unique challenges. The work I did teach me to think about the best approach when doing tasks and to always consider what strategies others have previously employed. There was an emphasis by our leaders to empower their teams and I felt comfortable taking ownership of the work knowing that I had their full support.

Towards the end of the Program, I had the opportunity to collaborate with other interns to deliver a group project, which focused on a problem that Telstra needed to solve. Our work was not only acknowledged, but it was appreciated by the business, and we received great feedback from the judges.

I firmly believe that the Summer Vacation Program at Telstra was the ideal place to start my professional career. I have taken so much away and go into my final year of university with more skills, connections and memories that I will cherish.

I would like to thank the countless people who have supported me along the journey and I really recommend uni students apply for the Program as it’s a highly rewarding experience.