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Trent Sy

8:30 AM

I leave my apartment later than usual as I worked a late shift yesterday. Last night, I was able to experience being on the tarmac at Tullamarine Airport to see the cargo planes that deliver parcels across Australia.

The distance to the site is only 20 minutes away (and parking is free at Toll operational sites, which is great) giving me more than enough time to drive to work safely and take into account any delays due to unforeseeable events. Safety is the number one priority at Toll, so it is important for me to uphold this whenever possible. Prior to reaching the site, I take a detour to Sensory Lab to pick up my morning coffee, freshly brewed straight out of the coffee bean production line. A coffee a day keeps the burden at bay!  

dayinthelife Toll Trent

9.00 AM

I arrive at the entrance on time after a masterful display of reverse parking (most Toll sites require reverse as it is the safer way to park). 

Employer day in the life Toll: Trent

9:15 AM

After settling down, I turn on my computer to review my calendar and respond to urgent emails. An email from the  Afternoon (PM) depot manager has given me the green light on the allocated site-wide storage bays for pallet jacks. I will now be able to finalise and rollout the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for hand and electric pallet jacks.

Toll: Trent Sy working

The first meeting is the morning shift huddle, which involves the AM depot manager and the supervisors, to discuss safety initiatives, incidents and continuous operational improvements. These meetings are particularly important as they drastically improve my knowledge of the operations and allow me to see things from the perspective of someone experienced. 

10.00 AM

Immediately after the morning huddle, I meet with another graduate whom I have been partnered with on the SOP project. We discuss the safety processes around the use of pallet jacks and the refuelling of forklift LPGs, among other topics. We discuss the progress of our allocated SOPs and identify where support is needed to ensure that we remain on track of our rollout deadlines. 

11.00 AM

I go to the warehouse for my firsthand operational experience as it is important to capture the operation accurately in the SOP. Today, I will be shadowing a supervisor to give me a flowchart overview of satchels sortation and associated manual handling techniques to prevent injuries. Apart from observing and doing the operation itself, I ask the supervisor about the challenges and safety issues regarding satchels sortation to ensure that they are captured in the SOP.

Trent Sy working

12:30 PM

Immediately after my quick lunch, I rush to my next meeting with a continuous improvement lead to discuss a B2C optimisation project. The project is still in its infancy and due to my operational experience at the site, I had been asked to help complete a process flow diagram of the B2C sortation which is presented to the team today. The subject matter experts, who are also in the meeting, confirm the accuracy of the process flow diagram which allows the team to progress to the completion of a fish bone diagram. After the completion of the fish bone diagram, the continuous improvement lead expresses his satisfaction with the progress of the project and will update us of the next steps via email.

Trent Sy with colleague

1.00 PM

I get to my next meeting slightly early as I am chairing this month’s graduate teleconference. I briefly go through my prep work to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly. At the heart of today’s agenda is Japanese cultural awareness and leveraging our Japanese network to engage and establish relationships with Japanese multinational companies. We start off with a safety share to keep us all up to date with safety initiatives or incidents at other sites. I also had a bit of help today in making this a really impactful teleconference as I managed to get the Global Head of Japan Sales Desk to give us an insight of a day in his life and how Toll is progressing with Japanese companies. Furthermore, the Japan Post assignees give us their thoughts on how to develop a progressive relationship with the Japanese both in and out of the company. Overall, I feel that the meeting ran smoothly and that there are a lot of key takeaways for everybody from it.

Trent work day

2.00 PM

Today, I set up a meeting with the National Global Operations Manager to give me a detailed overview of his daily responsibilities and how his team provides the service needed for express international shipments. Looking to gain another project, I ask what the challenges of his team are and found out that they are looking to collaborate with another Toll division to share air container space where possible in order to drive utilisation rate and hence improve profitability. To achieve this, they need to tabulate their country to country method of shipping to identify areas where collaboration with the other Toll division is possible. However, they are currently under-resourced which prevents them from driving this initiative. Needless to say, I got out of the meeting with another project to look forward to.  

3.00 PM

My last meeting for the day is with the HSE manager whom I directly report to on the SOP project. We talk about our current progress and bottlenecks while ensuring that risk assessments are being done for each SOP and training is being rolled out for finalised SOP’s.

4.15 PM

I review my emails one last time and ensure that all meetings are set up for tomorrow. An email comes through about a briefing session regarding a major customer coming on-board. I eagerly accept the invite at 10am for tomorrow morning while wondering who the major customer is. 

5.00 PM

Safety is deeply embedded in Toll’s culture; Toll is devoted to the belief that all injuries are preventable and everyone has the right to get home safely. Consequently, I have naturally grown accustomed to this belief - just before I leave work, I walk around the warehouse to find and report on any safety hazards. 

Trent smile

6.00 PM

Quick stop at home before I head off to the gym.