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Urban Utilities

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Sustainability at Urban Utilities

9.2 rating for Sustainability, based on 5 reviews
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Rethinking materials for water bottles Rethinking ways of giving details out about graduate program Rethinking ways of commuting around town (poo car)
Graduate, Brisbane
The company is always looking for ways to improve our impact on the environment, especially through innovative processes.
Graduate, Brisbane
Its well known that we should be environmentally friendly in our work but also in our day to day lives. We have several recycling bins for different wastes and they're located on every floor. We have reusable or biodegradable cutlery, cups, mugs, plates etc available. There's often signage in the bathrooms and kitchens. There has been a few times we have done free barista coffee if you bring a keep cup to encourage good habits.
Graduate, Brisbane