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WSP Australia

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Office & Workplace at WSP Australia

8.7 rating for Workplace, based on 46 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Office is average - has all the necessary facilities and some planter boxes around. Could focus more on health and well being through design & the fit out. The building has great end of trip facilities.
Graduate, Melbourne
Brisbane office is incredible! Soothing colours which really help from a mental health POV.
Graduate, Brisbane
Centre of the city, with access to public transport and dedicated End of Trip facilities for bike parking, including showers and change rooms. The office itself is open plan with full height windows, with good natural light in most areas. Surrounding food and drink places are excellent, for both coffee & food, along with bars etc. The dress code is generally chinos & button up shirt for men, with smart casual (t-shirt & jeans) on Fridays.
Graduate, QLD
Facilitates and office spaces are amazing in the Sydney office, with dedicated gyms and team spaces the dress code is relaxed corporate, with casual Fridays - however since COVID it is loungewear.
Graduate, Brisbane
I'm in the Brisbane office and it's beautiful. It was designed by Hassell (the architecture firm), and has lots of natural light, plants, clean air, open space, and generally is nice feeling. There are also end of trip facilities, and a central eating area. The office has one of the highest fitwel ratings in Australia as well.
Graduate, Sydney
It's clean and nice most of the time. Location is okay too. However, I noticed that it's not that cold (aircon). Dress code is smart casual to semi-formal.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Office is new and spacious, its refreshing. They take hygiene very carefully. Everywhere you go there are hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes. Great place to work.
Graduate, Canberra
Office is only a year old, very modern and offers great facilities.
Graduate, Brisbane
Office located in Southbank, complete with view of the Yarra River and CBD. Large desks (hot-desking) and personal lockers Dress code is business/business casual and Casual Fridays.
Graduate, Sydney
Our office is pretty modern and the facilities are good, the only thing I don't like is that we are agile and don't have individual desks. The dress code is pretty standard business - not suits etc., but chinos and a shirt.
Midlevel, Perth
The dress code is quite casual. The office spaces are amazing and there are great kitchen facilities.
Graduate, Brisbane
The new Brisbane office is great, and is a huge upgrade from our previous location. There is plenty of natural light, generous desk space, and plenty of work stations. The only issue is the linoleum squeaks for some reason. Dress code is business casual Mon-Thurs, and Friday is casual/smart casual.
Graduate, Manila
The office is flexible and well set out. There are great change room facilities for end of trip. the dress code is also pretty flexible.
Graduate, Brisbane
The office space is awesome. Employees are not assigned desks so are able to sit wherever they like (close to the team's general designated area). The facilities are all well maintained and the office is always super clean and lively. The dress code is general business attire on all days except for casual Friday.
Graduate, Brisbane
The office space is comfortable and inviting. The hot desk system seems to work well, and keeps the days from becoming a full on blur. The dress code is business casual, with more casual dress on Fridays.
Graduate, Sydney
WA office is very practical but it's very boring and the rest area/lunch area is getting more and more crowded and has no view or windows - it's getting stuffy in there. This is why most of us leave the office for lunch because it's feeling quite confined in there. I like the location of the office, it's not in the CBD which makes it easier to get to without major traffic jams.
Midlevel, Adelaide
We have recently moved to a new office in Brisbane and it is in a great location with fantastic facilities. Dress code is corporate - there is definitely a different level of dress codes throughout the business but majority of workers will dress in a suit or corporate attire (with casual Fridays)
Intern, Brisbane
We just moved into a new building - it is a very environmental friendly facility and a great place to be.
Graduate, Melbourne
WSP Brisbane's new office location has achieved the highest fitwel rating in Australia. Casual Fridays are a thing. Dress code is flexible however, the general consensus is smart casual (not enforced)
Graduate, Brisbane