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Australian Catholic University (ACU)

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About Australian Catholic University (ACU)

Australian Catholic University (ACU) has seven campuses around Australia. It empowers students to think critically, ethically, and to bring about change in their communities and professions.

We value you
As a publicly-funded university, ACU welcomes staff and students of all beliefs and backgrounds. It is committed to providing equal access to education for all people.

Practical experience
Students undertake professional placements and volunteer work throughout their studies, with many securing excellent jobs before they graduate. Community engagement is also a core part of every student's experience at ACU, to the point where it's embedded within ACU's courses. This allows students to give back to their communities and make a difference through opportunities such as volunteer experience programs.

Applying for postgraduate study

The majority of ACU's postgraduate coursework programs require a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification from an approved institution for admission. However, some postgraduate programs accept applicants who have completed an adequate level of professional experience in a related field.

Entry requirements are different for each course, including Higher Degrees by Research (HDR).







Featured Courses


The Bachelor of Theology/Bachelor of Global Studies is a double degree for people not only interested in theology but also the global social, political, cultural, environmental and economic changes.

Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security covers the theoretical foundations and concepts needed to understand the security issues in a networked environment. The Graduate Certificate provides you with a good understanding of network security issues and the importance of data stewardship.

Bachelor (Honours)

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) is available for high-achieving students who have completed a relevant Pass Bachelor degree offered by the Faculty of Education and Arts or equivalent at another institution.

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