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Unlocking the Potential of Personalised Medicine with Computer Science

Professor Pablo Moscato is pioneering a global revolution in medical research. His latest work is identifying disease sub-types within cancer and Alzheimer’s, enabling early detection tests that will deliver on personalised medicine. Through the use of big data, applied mathematics and computer science, Pablo and his team are transforming what medicine has been for the past 1000 years, allowing for the development of customised drug treatments based on genetic analysis, maximising patient outcomes and reducing the cost to government.

"I always loved photography. I'd love to take pictures. I love the experience. I love the way that people try to find a way of impacting them on a person by changing the light, changing the position. And in some sense what we do in Computer Science, has a lot in common. Because what we like to do is to change how we solve problems.. Computer science is all about solving problems"